Over the past few years I’ve shifted from developing images focussed on a preconceived idea or subject to focussing more on the process of painting itself and allowing images to emerge. For me this process is one of simultaneous observation and participation, adding and subtracting, layering and peeling away, approaching and retreating. Often, before I start painting, it feels as though the image, although unknown to me at the outset, is somehow already there. Not unlike an archeological dig, my job is to show up to participate in its reveal.

Symbols and icons are strong touchstones for me. I'm captivated by our ability to decode letter forms to words and ideas. How is it that we make the leap from symbol to word, from word to idea and collectively understand?

There isn't much that is more pleasing to me than painting in my studio, immersing myself in the sound of some glorious jazz. Thrown into a creative trance, the world's chaos falling away, I feel as though I've stepped outside of time. Jazz joy abounds and under the music's influence my work takes directions I can't anticipate. In certain paintings I let the music play a central role, and it becomes the subject.